Copy Slash Notation to Drums

What is the “easyiest” way to copy a slash rhythm notation (i.e. Piano) to drums? I know, I can make a slash “instrument” in a drum, but I’m looking for a way to copy slash notation (and not re-enter it to drums). Any simple way to do it?



I don’t think there is a super-quick way of doing this at the moment, I’m afraid. Perhaps somebody will have a quicker way than this:

• Select the material you want to be shown as slashes on the drum set.
• Alt+click it to another pitched instrument temporarily.
• Use Lock Durations to repitch all of the notes to a single pitch.
• Copy this single-pitched music to the clipboard.
• Paste to the drum kit.
• Use Alt+up/down arrow to move it to whichever staff position has the slashes on it.

Daniel, thanks for the tip! I found an easier way now… But had to play around with your suggestion.

Step 2 is: Alt+click to another UNPITCHED PERCUSSION. I did it with Agogo.

Then everything is on 1 pitch.