Copy track settings, doesn't copy sends

When Copying track settings, it copies everything but doesn’t copy sends.
what am I not selecting correct ??


There are several ways, how to copy track. Could you describe how do you do it, please?

In the MixConsole Drag&Drop the channel (click to the channel name), same as Cmd+C & Cmd+V works to me here.

duplicate track, then delete or replace the events on the copy, gives you a clean exact copy of a track including routing…

but what if I already have a track with audio events on it ?

I save vst track preset from “source track”, then go to “destination track” and load that preset.
also tried “copy track settings” > “paste track settings” in channel editor

Just delet all the events on the copy only. Select the copy, right mouse select all events, then hit delete button.
This does not affect the original track. You are not deleting audio. Just events displaying audio…

I do it all the time. No need to save presets first or whatever. You can do this with multiple tracks, in folders if you want.