Copy USB E-license to new USB E-license

Hello Group!
Newbie here, I recently bought a boxed Pro 11 AI upgrade. the USB E-license that came with Pro 11 is blank? so I used my older USB-E (which have Elements 10.5, AI and Studio 4) to install PRO 11. have registered the new USB-E into my Steinberg account and it show’s no license? from my understanding when you do the online maintenance sync, it downloads your license? but nothing happened. How do I copy the my license into the new USB-E so I can have it as a back-up?

hi Ka-el_Dino

you can’t ‘back up’ a licence as that would mean you had 2 licences.

If you want/need to MOVE a licence then plug both dongles into the same computer, open eLCC and drag the licence between them.

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Is that right? I can only use one USB-E for Cubase programs.? I guessed the new blank USB-E will be a reserve incase I loss or break my old one. Thank you.

If you break or lose the old one then you need to contact Steinberg who should provide temporary ones …to your spare dongle.

it’s more or less the same system as iLok although iLok charge $30 a year.


Thank you, I’ll keep the new USB-e as a spare.

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My original dongle doesn’t work so I bought a new one and contacted support for new codes. Despite numerous attempts to get them, I didn’t. Could sb tell me what I should do?


Did you follow the Zero Downtime procedure, as linked to above?

Steinberg Zero Downtime – Steinberg Support