Copying 2nd verse lyrics into other staves deletes existing 1st verse lyrics

Why can’t I copy only the 2nd verse from e.g. Soprano staff to Alto staff when there are already the 1st verse lyrics in Alto staff?
If I do this then the 1st verse lyrics of the Alto staff get deleted.

What steps are you taking to try and do this?

Here’s how I would do it.

  1. Highlight everything in the Soprano Staff for the section I want to copy
  2. Use Filter to select the 2nd line of lyrics. Press cmd C (Mac) / Ctrl C (Windows) to copy it.
  3. Go down to the Alto Part, Press Shift L where you want to start pasting, select the 2nd line of l yrics and start pressing cmd V (Mac) / Ctrl V (Windows) until it’s all copied.

There are quicker was of doing it if you use the edit line of lyrics function.

Thanks for the replies.
But David. Have you tried your steps. If I do this then the lyrics of verse 1 get deleted in the Alto staff.

What I did before:
I filtered 2nd verse lyrics in Soprano and used “duplicate below” with the result that the lyrics of verse 1 in Alto staff are gone.

I suggest once you get the lyrics copied, you select the first alto note, invoke the Lyrics popover (shift-L), press down arrow to change to verse 2, and paste until all the lyrics are set. Of course you’ll need to deal with the melismas (?) and stuff (with right arrow or space), as usual… But this does work.

You can also highlight and copy all of the soprano lyrics (both verses), and then highlight all of the alto notes, and then paste. The only issue is that this will assume the notes in each part are the same rhythmically. Of course you can always just clean those up afterwards.

Thanks Marc. I probably said it wrong, but that was exactly what I was proposing. Lyric 1 in the Alto stave stays intact because you’re only dealing with Lyric Line 2.

Rebel - yes, I tried the steps. I did exactly what I said in a Sop / Alto piece just to make sure I wasn’t giving you bad advice …

Hi David.
Sorry my mistake. This works of course.

It’s not that I didn’t know how to work around it. So thanks all for all your suggestions.

It’s simple not comfortable not to be able to copy all 2nd verse lyrics in one go when Soprano and alto have the same rhythm.
And it looked like a bug to me. Maybe I’m not recalling correctly but I think it was possible in former versions of Dorico.
If not it’s a feature wish.

All the best to you.

Hi ReRei - no problem. Pleased we got there in the end.

Dear ReRei, it’s totally possible that Dorico’s behaviour has changed since v.3 in this regard. The whole copy-paste process was rebuilt to allow the Lyric editor feature. For instance, you can no longer copy-paste some unicodes within a syllable within the lyrics popover anymore.