Copying a bunch of Plugins on a track to another project

Gday All.

I have done a bit of a search in regards to this but no help unfortunately. Anything help would be much appreciated. Here’s want I want to do…

I have a DI bass track in one of my projects that I love the sound of and I want to copy all of the plugins that I have on that track that make it sound good,to a DI Bass track on another project to get the same sound. Is there a way (I’m sure there is) of doing this?



Either you can save it as a track preset and then load the track preset in the other project.

Or you can use Import from Project feature to import the track to your other project. When you select already existing track as a destination, the track settings will be copied from the original track (project) to the current one.


Thanks again Martin for your input.

Cheers mate.