Copying a selection with various time signatures

Is there a way to copy a selection that has bars with different time signature so that the bars with different time signatures will be copied correctly?
Something analogous to the feature in Sibelius - ‘system selection’ if I remember correctly.

It appears not. However, you can select the time signatures as a group - command click (Mac) each in succession, then paste; the correct number of bars are then pasted in with the respective time signatures. Then you can go back and select the pitches the usual way(s) and paste those.

Perhaps there is an easier way, but this worked for me.

Thank you, R.
Despite being somewhat convoluted :slight_smile:, it does help.

I suspect there is an easier way - I’m just learning this, myself, so it’s the blind leading the - well, I hope your vision is better than mine!

I can’t recall whose painting is that.
But regardless, I wouldn’t come up with something that peculiar.
Can’t wait for a manual that would cover (or shall I say ‘uncover’) every detail.

You don’t have to paste twice. Select the notes, Cmd-click on the time sigs, and paste the whole thing.

Also - if you grab (click-drag) the whole piece of music with the mouse, the time sigs will be selected with the notes and all. This is probably the fastest method.

Well, it’s a classic case of not seeing what is just ‘in-front’ of your eyes!
I tried making selection by selecting the first measure of a passage and shift-clicking the last measure, and didn’t pay attention that in this way the time signatures were not selected.
Thank you very much indeed.