Copying and pasting in Dorico

I want to copy and paste the notes of one voice into another voice in a 320 bar orchestral arrangement. It is clearly easy to delete notes in the relevant bars, copy notes from another voice and paste them into the now empty bars. I can also copy and paste directly on to existing music so that the previous music vanishes. But before I do that, can someone tell me what happens to the notes / music that were there previously - are they deleted? or do they remain in background or on file and likely to corrupt play back. What is the best and cleanest way of copying music from one voice to another when creating a new arrangement where the tune is carried in a different voice and the harmonies carried in other voices? cant seem to find the answer to this in Dorico Help. Thanks

If you paste over music so that the original music is gone, then it’s gone.

There is “Paste into Voice”, which allows you to paste into an existing or new voice.
Is this a piano part, or a Choir reduction, or something else?

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This is an orchestral piece which I’m arranging for a wind band - I want to get saxes to pick up the tune from violins for a section.

Normally, the Violins would use Up-stem Voice 1, and you would just paste into the Saxes, without messing with Voices.

No need for different voices if they’re on different staves. Voices are independent lines of music within the same staff. If you’re just doing a Wind band score, just paste from one staff to another and don’t use Voices at all.

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If your wind band does not contain violins, you could also change the Violin Player’s instrument to Sax (and then change the player name).

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Thank you all - Excellent tips - I’ll work on them tomorrow

Thanks Benwiggy - this is an orchestral part and I now understand “Paste into Voice” - Thanks

Thanks - that was a learning point

neat solution