Copying and pasting multiple automatization lanes from group and fx tracks

Hi there!!

Is there a method in Cubase/Nuendo for copying and pasting automation tracks for multiple FX, VCA, Group, etc.?

I attempted to fold all of them and apply the same procedure as with audio and MIDI tracks, but it appears they don’t respond in the same way.

Thank you!

You can’t copy paste automation tracks directly, but you can copy paste all the events on an automation track. This requires you to enable Read Automation on the source track.

You can also copy paste events from/to multiple automation tracks at once, but this basically requires you to have all of the automation tracks of the source and target tracks in the same order.

You should use Paste at Origin.

But, it still does sometimes create additional automation event points for me and skews the results a bit. So it’s not unfortunately always a 1-to-1 perfect copy.