copying and pasting multiple irregular bars

VERY simple question - I feel I should know. I have selected a load of bars of multi-stave music with all sorts of time signatures, tempo markings etc.
I want to paste this somewhere else with two conditions: (i) it doesn’t over-write the music following it!! and (ii) it retains all of the time sigs, etc etc. When I do ctr C, ctr V, neither of these things happen - instead it pastes the music into the bars that are already there.

For avoiding overwriting, you probably want Insert mode (press I) - it pushes subsequent material back by the rhythmic amount of the music inserted (i.e. if you copy a crotchet, any existing notes get pushed a crotchet beat “back”). Just be careful of where you paste, and use Shift-B to remove any excess beats rest (e.g. Shift-B then enter -3q to delete 3 crotchet beat’s worth of rests)

For selecting time signatures as well as notes - try the system track.

If the opening time signature of the copied selection doesn’t match the time signature at the start of the paste position, you’ll need to either add a time signature at the start of the selection before you copy, then delete later, or put a time signature at the paste position before you paste.

Thanks both - works a treat!