Copying Articulations still not possible

I was hoping, that Dorico 2 would be able to copy articulations(&slurs) from one section to another.
(a friend of mine told me, Sibelius can now finally do this in version 2018 :slight_smile:
Unfortunately it seems not to be the case:
Even if I copy notes which have articulations attached to them and try to change pitches quickly in write-mode with the “locked to duration” function, I have to re-enter each articulation again.
Would be great time-saver, if I could filter e.g. only slurs & articulations of a selection and copy them to another passage.
Or maybe a special paste option like “paste (except pitches)”
Or is this already possible an I am just missing something?
Is my request too special or does anybody agree?

Entering pitches in Lock to Duration overwrites articulations? I’ve never found that to be the case.

Are you sure you’re using Lock to duration (L) and not Force Duration (G)? You need to be using L.

It was always possible to filter or copy and paste slurs on their own. The only restriction is that slurs have to start and end on notehead, so you can’t paste them over rest. Articulations are a bit different as they’re properties of the notes, so at the moment they cannot be copy/paste on their own. Still, if you copy and paste a note with articulation it should retain its articulation. Similarly, if you repitch using lock duration, the notes should retain their articulations. If this is not what you experience, could you please elaborate how to reproduce the problem you are seeing?

just a quick jump in here with another vote for copying articulations. I know there are a million features, to build, and everyone has their pet, but just wanted to let you know that more users are interested in being able to do this. thanks!