Copying bars and re-inputting pitches

Hello, I’m trying Dorico for 30 days to see if I want to make the switch. Having used Sibelius for several years, there are two functions in Sibelius that are especially useful to the work I do (mostly arranging and transcribing):

Select a note/notes/bar/multiple bars and hit “R” to copy/paste the selection immediately after itself, making it a breeze quickly write out notes with the same pitches, or at least the same rhythms

Re-input pitches - lets me change the pitches without altering the rhythms, making it easy to create parts with the same rhythm but different pitches (block chords, etc.)

Are there functions like these in Dorico? Thanks for the help.

R does the same thing in Dorico.
L repitches existing rhythms. You need the caret to be active, though - select the first note of the passage you want to repitch, then hit Enter or Shift-N, then L, then start typing/playing your new pitches.