Copying channel settings and pasting them

OK guys I am a long time Nuendo user and still struggling to make sense of the C7.5 look.

In the last version of Nuendo 5.1 I was using, on the left hand side of the mixer I could ‘copy’ the contents and settings of a single channel, select the other channels I wanted to have the same settings by highlighting them and then hit the paste (on the left side) and it would apply it effortlessly. On some of my large and complex mixes I need to do this on a regular basis but for the life of me I cant seem to find out how to do it.

How do I do this in 7.5?


  • ctrl + drag in the mixer copies the channel settings (one at a time)
  • in the menu (top right), save/load selected channels

… or, what you might prefer:

  • select source channel, ctrl + c/select target channel(s) ctrl + v

Except for me ctrl+c and ctrl+v only works very intermittently here, I have to use the mixer drop down, not sure why but frustrating…