Copying/duplicating midi notes within a range inside MIDI editor

Having the range selection tool inside the midi editor could be part of the solution.

I would like to be able to copy/duplicate midi notes inside a midi event within a certain range, keeping the same distance between them, including the eventual initial and final spaces (pauses).
I know there are workarounds, like using a temporary note at the beginning of the event to simulate the pause, but they are all cumbersome.

Dragging with ALT held down is not an option in case the notes are off-grid nor are CTRL+V on cursor or CTRL+D (since it doesn’t respect the initial pause).

The issue is discussed in this official cubase stream from 1:21:20 to 1:25:00

Here’s an example gif done in FL Studio

Thank you


Here’s a thread from this forum that talks about the problem.