Copying formatting from one score to another

I’ve looked at the propagate function - but as far as I can see it only allows you to copy aspects of formatting between parts in the same project.
What I want to do is copy the entire formatting layout between one project and another.

The destination project in Dorico started life as an XML music import from Sibelius 7.

Although Dorico has done a very good job of interpreting aspects of the score it is obvious that the system size layout and most other things are different from the projects I have created in Dorico from scratch.

So I just want to take a kind of ‘house style’ if you like and superimpose it on this project so it fits with all the others.

Is there a simple way to do this, or is it a laborious task of changing every little aspect?

There isn’t a single function that will do all of this in one go. The easiest way to get the Layout Options from project A to project B is to open Layout Options in project A, Save as Default, open Layout Options in project B, Restore Saved Defaults. Same goes for Engraving Options and Notation Options.

There’s separate functionality for exporting and importing Master Page Sets, if you happen to have tweaked the master pages.

Dependent on where you are in the general tweaking process, it may be easier to import the MusicXML of Project B (from Sibelius) into a copy of Project A, then delete Project A’s flow(s) and instruments.

My first thought was to make a copy of the original file under a new name, import the new XML material, and then delete the flows from the original doc. But of course, depending on one’s new instrumentation, one might have to delete Players left over from the original file.

Great question! I have asked this myself and truly wish we could set a format standard for our projects.

Yes, the lack of user definable and selectable House Styles is certainly a glaring omission from Dorico that is urgently needed by many. In v.4.0? :slight_smile:

You can of course import the Flows of a Dorico project file into a new Dorico project file. So if you have one file that is exactly as you want things: duplicate it, delete all the Flows, save it. This is now your template file.

Open a copy of it (there are ways to make a file read-only on both platforms, or use Mac “stationery” file attribute), and then import the flows from some other document, and save.

Bingo. Yes, house styles would be nice.