Copying lyrics from one line to another.

Is it possible to copy lyrics from one line into the next line below? I’ve tried but it seems to end up just overwriting the original line.

The request probably sounds ridiculous - it sounds like a straightforward repeat - but only half of the the lyrics the second time round are new. It would be easier to copy, paste and then edit the sections that are different.

Yes. Select the region you want to copy. Filter the Lyrics, so that only they are selected. Alt-click to paste in place.

Bear in mind that the lyrics will be at exactly the same rhythmic positions, even if notes aren’t actually there. You can shift syllables, like everything else, to the duration grid value with Alt-left/right.

David, if by “one line into the next line” you meant e.g. Lyrics line 1 (Verse 1) to Lyrics line 2 (Verse 2) then do say so. I think Ben’s assumed you meant copying the lyrics from bars 1-4 to bars 5-8.

Thanks Leo (and thanks Ben). Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.

I have all the lyrics for the first verse on line 1. The second verse is on line 2 - and the second verse shares many of the same lyrics as line 1 which is why I’d like to copy it - and then edit it where needed. I can select and copy all the lyrics on line 1, but if I call up the Lyrics Popover at the start of the verse, select voice 2 and then paste - it overwrites the lyrics in voice 1, not voice 2.

I’ve actually typed all the lyrics in now so the request is academic but I’m interested to see if this functionality exists.

You can do it indirectly: copy the music and lyrics to another staff (add a new player temporarily if necessary to accommodate them). On the new staff, select a lyric in line one and choose Edit > Lyrics > Line > 2 to change all lyrics in that line to line 2. Now use Select More to select all the lyrics in line 2, and Alt+click them back to the original staff. Then either delete the spurious music or remove the temporary player.

Brilliant! Should have thought of that. Thanks Daniel.

I tried this method just now (Dorico 3.1.10), but it always overwrites the original lyrics.

My preferred method (especially with hymns) is to enter one verse completely, then copy this verse to lines 2, 3… and use the “Edit Lyrics” Window to copy the already hyphenated text in. This saves me from having to think about where and when to press space/hyphen to accomodate slurs/melismas. (Although it is very clever, that even if I press space on a hyphenated word, it still gets hyphenated - thanks!)

But whenever I try to copy the lyrics to a different staff, change the line (either through Edit > Lyrics > Line > 2, or via the Properties Panel), then filter it, and copy it back, it always overwrites the original lines, even if multiple lines are already entered. Am I missing something obvious here?

Two reasons I might start a project in Finale and then move it to Dorico: Lyric entry (especially of lyrics already written and hyphenated on the web) and pitch-before-duration. I really like Dorico, but I am fortunate to have access to Finale when I need something Dorico does not do (yet).

6620, lyrics were reworked for Dorico 3, so the instructions you’ve followed don’t apply. The quickest way I can think of, now, is to select (more, or filter) the line one lyrics, copy, open the lyrics popover on the first note, hit the down arrow to get to the second line, then paste repeatedly. You’ll need to account for any melismas/neumes/slurs again.

That’s what I’ve been doing. Although I still think that lyrics shouldn’t be overwritten if they are not in the same line. (And my entry method would be quicker, or at least a lot less keystrokes and less thinking about slurs.)

Totally agree… copy-paste should retain line numbers! This would be a huge help.

Yes, it used to work that way. I wish that feature still existed.

Turns out, I was missing something obvious: I just found out by chance, it does still work that way, thanks to a crazy little thing called Insert Mode, which retains the original line if you copy another line over it.

That’s really handy to know. Good heavens, I wonder how many of these useful functional nuggets seldom get noticed, as they either aren’t in a logical place (it isn’t necessarily obvious that Insert Mode would be relevant to anything besides note input) or they are next to impossible to search for.

Wow. Thanks!

Splendid. Thank you so much for the hint. If I had known that earlier…

Is this somewhere documented? If not it should be unless this not an unintended feature.