Copying Lyrics from One Part to the Another

Hi all:

I have entered lyrics to the soprano part of a choral open score. The lower three parts (ATB) have the same lyrics. How do I copy lyrics from the soprano part into these other parts? It’d save time to copy and paste rather than manually reenter the lyrics in each part.

The overarching question, I suppose, is whether or not Dorico has a filter system similar to Sibelius that allows selection and copying of discrete items.


Is there a “LINES” panel somewhere?

Is there a reduction function as yet for Dorico? It is customary to reduce a choral open score for piano for rehearsal purposes. The arrange function helps with that.

You can select the lyrics with marquee select (easier in galley view), copy and paste in another staff. I know that works.

There is no lines panel — although I am not sure of what you mean by that. You can select the line of your lyrics through the properties panel… But easier with the up/down arrows in the lyrics popup

The reduction function is planned, it should be implemented — probably not soon, we might have to pay for such an update!

If by “Lines” the OP means something akin to Finale’s Custom Smartshapes capability, that capability does not yet exist AFAIK.

The sooner we can have a filter system the better. The ‘solution’ really only works for relatively small selections (unless you reduce the image size in galley view and then it becomes harder to use marquee selection. If you have a homophonic work of a number of pages the current system reduces potential speed of entry significantly.

Yes, filters will be a welcome addition to the program.

The most efficient way as of now, might be to enter the soprano part with lyrics, then copy the whole thing to the other staves and then locking the rhythm and performing a repitch (for homophonic passages).

Or start with the lyrics in, say, a word-processing app and copy-and-paste from that. I frequently need to have the lyrics separately so this isn’t really a chore for me.

How do you insert a text file from another source to a lyrics line?

You can’t. Not yet.
(Unless you mean copying and pasting one syllable at a time.)

That´s what I am missing most; that I can’t copy from a text file into the lyrics lines. This is a so handy feature of Sibelius. Hope this will come soon.

The kind of capability you (and I) want is on the Development Team’s radar. So eventually…

I selected and copied all the lyrics in the top part, starting with the eighth-note pickup, selected the pickup note in the second part and pasted the lyrics. This is the result:

What am I missing?

Screenshot_2018-06-25 14.28.00.png

Copy the tuplets as well and activate chord input mode before you paste.

Thank you Florian for that trick. It’s not an easy one to apply (nor to remember)…