Copying notes with playing techniques to another (instrument) stave

I have encountered the following inefficiency in Dorico 4:
When I copy notes with playing techniques e.g. from a guitar stave to a saxophone stave (e.g. for unison playing), the playing techniques like pull-offs, hammer-ons etc. are copied as well, but these cannot be deleted in the saxophone stave (because saxophone logically does not have these playing techniques in its properties).
It does not work to filter “notes and chords” before copying, because hammer-ons and pull-offs are directly linked to the note and are always selected with it (there is no filter for this).
So the only option left is to select a series of contiguous notes (with no pause between them) and turn off the playing techniques in the properties before copying it to another note line. This is very cumbersome.

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This is admittedly a work-around, but could one write the sax part first and copy it to the guitar and then add the guitar techniques?

That is not to say Dorico should preclude you from working in either direction.

Thanks for reporting this, @ChangePerspective. This is certainly not an ideal state of affairs – I have made a note of it, and we’ll come up with a solution for this in due course.