Copying/pasting CC data

Hi everyone,

I am working on a project in Dorico Pro 3.5 that requires me to fiddle with the CC data quite a bit, and I am running into some rather annoying issues.

  1. Copying/pasting CC data doesn’t seem to function half of the time. I select an area with CC information on it (not auto generated, drawn by hand or recorded with a midi controller), Ctrl+C, then move to another instrument’s same CC lane, select that lane, place the vertical line (I’ve actually forgotten what it’s called…) on where I want to paste, then Ctrl+V… and nothing. It seems more likely to work if I first draw a datapoint in that lane and select that before pasting, but the results seem inconsistent.

  2. When copying/pasting does work, pasting data from, say, CC11 into an instrument’s corresponding CC11 lane, removes all the data from that same instrument’s CC1 lane (and possibly other lanes as well) for that same area… the data that I’ve just painstakingly managed to get in there… I’ve spent about an hour before noticing what happens, and it’s not workable this way. The entered datapoints in the (in this example) CC1 lane disappear and are defaulted back to the dynamics generated from the dynamics track, instead of just leaving these points alone.

I have no doubt I am doing something wrong, but the manual is no help on this point, so I am hoping somebody here knows what’s going on and why I’m getting these far from satisfying results.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forum, VanDieDingenDus. It is certainly a bit fiddly to copy and paste controller data in Play mode. Try using the right-click context menu and choosing the Paste item from there, and that should paste as you expect.

I believe we have seen the problem with pasting into one lane causing other data to be lost, and it is already fixed in our development builds, but I’ll check this with our testing team.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks, I’ll try the right-click option, see if that works. However, as long as the lanes disrupting one another issue persists, I’ll have to resort to other means. For now, I’m editing the CC in Cubase, hoping an update for Dorico will fix this soon!