copying pasting clips introducing unwanted automation

Dear Nuendo users,
I dont know what i did and this happens but when i copy a clip from say track A with no send automation (i.e. all sends set at -∞) and paste it into track B all of a sudden i get all send levels at 0.
I have checked the setting automation follows events. Why is this happening…?

Nuendo 7.1
OSX 10.11

Actually the copied clips are part of an AAF import and now i notice all imported AAF tracks have their sends set at 0. So i guess the aforementioned behaviour is correct but why imported aaf tracks have their sends set at 0?

And i can verify that even though i turned down all sends on those AAF tracks still when i copy and paste a clip on another track sends go up to 0…

Sends automation or settings are not included in an AAF export.
Only volume.


yeah i know, thats why i am wondering why is this happening…

this driving me mad, even when i spot from Soundminer some sends get turned up…whats going on, anyone?

So you’re saying that if you either copy/paste or import (spot from SM) an event onto a track your send will move from wherever it was to zero/unity?

In preferences/VST
there is a setting where you can set the default Send Level.
So for each new track that is created, the defaults are set to that level.


Its not consistent i think… i ve being working all day today spotting from SM no probs. Just now i moved a few clips from track 1 to track 2 underneath (both channels have their sends activated and turned down) and once placed on track B a certain send jumped from -∞ to -14! There was no automation for that send on the clips. What is triggering this?

Ok, I’ve checked real quick and I think I need more coffee before I can figure this out. But briefly;

In a new clean project I created a few audio tracks. I recorded a small clip of audio. I automated a send for the duration of the event (meaning in/out markers/range to that event/selection, and then punch to loop). So the one thing I noticed then was that on other tracks I could place the send anywhere I wanted and when Read was enabled it wouldn’t matter, because no automation had been written. But once I dragged the event that had automation on it down to a track without, automation followed. If I then moved the event back to the original track it was on, the track that got automation because of the event still had automation.

So if you add that to what Fredo just said perhaps that will explain everything?

This is correct Mattias but not what i am experiencing. I have clips with no automation at all which when i drag up and down in other tracks sometimes send automation is created…I have “automation follows clips” set to On, i have also set “default send level” to be at -∞ on new tracks but still its happening and its random i think…
It also happens sometimes as i said before when i spot from SM to nuendo…
Very frustrating, i have to check sends levels all the time…
I was fiddling at the start of the project with “Global automation Mode” maybe i did something there but i have i believe returned everything to default settings.

I’m not seeing what you’re seeing then. What I was thinking was that if you even once moved a clip with automation and then moved one without you’d already have ‘created’ automation on there.