Copying Playing Techniques in Play Mode

Is it possible to copy PTs from one set of notes to another in Play Mode? I’ve had a look in Engrave Mode and drew a blank. The PTs I want to copy are “Base Switch: Natural, Note Length <= Very Short”

I’m writing a very rapidly descending sequence of 1/16th notes for Violin 1 in BBC SO Core. In the first bar they’re all OK, but in the second, they revert to Natural and don’t sound like they’re supposed to.

Any ideas?


Engrave mode has nothing to do with playback so you need to focus elsewhere. There are a few possibilities such as the tempo is different in the second bar – even slightly – and thus the automation has changed the patch it’s using. I quite often find this. Of course when using automation, you don’t normally use an explicit technique in the first place as the whole point is for the Expression Map to choose the correct one for you.

I use BBC Core and would suggest posting the relevant section of the project so it’s possible to determine exactly what the circumstances are here. Most likely there is a simple explanation.

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You were right David, it was a change in tempo.

Interestingly, in Play Mode, if the tempo is over-ridden with the slider at the top right of the screen, it doesn’t affect the PT. Also, shortening the time the note sounds for, in the piano roll display, doesn’t affect the PT either. I wonder what will happen when editable tempo maps are re-introduced?

Anyhow, many thanks for your help.

There will be much confusion.
Dorico is fundamentally a notation tool. If its written, it can be played.

that’s as I’d expect and I’m sure is how it was designed. As for shortening the time the note sounds for, I believe likewise as the Expression Map uses the notated value as the basis of its calculations. However I do think, like Janus, that the reintroduction of tempo maps may well confuse :smiley:

Of course Dorico 4 has so far had no new features in the area of Expression maps. In due course it is likely that we will will see some sort of dynamics automation and, I hope, adjustable timing divisions and perhaps more steps which will give more control over exactly when the patch changes occur.

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