Copying S A T B to SA TB

Copying 4 staves to 2:

If I copy A then change it to a downstream voice and then copy S on top of it, everything is great apart from the triplet brackets both copy to the same side. Easily fixed but maybe a request.

Is there a reason that I can only shift-click to copy within a flow?

Be patient - we know that a proper solution is coming for displaying multiple players on a single stave (and ultimately this is what you’re talking about, even if you’ve never done it like this in any other notation program).

I know… but surely worth mentioning if copy/paste/change voice does everything well except respecting stem/note side for tuplet brackets.

Indeed, thought it’s already been reported here:

That’s some ninja searching…

On the plus side, shift-alt-arrow note extending makes turning SATB into a legato organ part a breeze. In Finale I would have played this in again rather than messing around adjusting it.

A related query…
I can’t seem to paste two-stave SA TB to a two-stave organ. It only copies the RH stave.

You need to copy on staff, and then the other. SA TB are two ensembles of players (or two players with many people involved in being a player ^^) and two-stave organ is only one player. This might have to do with Dorico’s rationale, I stumbled across that problem many times, and now I just do it like that…

It’s odd…and awkward. SA and TB are just renamed sop and tenor staves. I’d definitely like to be able to copy selection to any other.

I have the feeling Dorico sees piano staves as one staff. Does that make more sense ?

I understand it but this kind of operation is common enough for it to be a pain.

Dorico copies between instruments, not staves.

Just as an example, if you copy a ‘Piano S A T B’ flow into a ‘Organ (3 stave) S A T B’, then the S A T B will end up on their respective staves, and the 3rd organ stave will remain empty.

The exception is, if whatever you copy is only on a single stave, then you can copy into any other arbitrary stave (which would allow for example to copy Piano from left to right hand).

We are certainly looking at providing more flexibility with copy/paste, so it is always valuable to read about specific use cases that aren’t well catered for with the current implementation.

"Just as an example, if you copy a ‘Piano S A T B’ flow into a ‘Organ (3 stave) S A T B’, then the S A T B will end up on their respective staves, and the 3rd organ stave will remain empty. "

This is very clever! And useful.

But why then can’t it copy what it thinks is S and T (renamed by me to SA, TB) to organ two stave?

Because they’re different instruments, as Stefan has explained. You have to first copy SA to the right-hand staff, then copy TB to the left-hand staff.

I thought Stefan had explained that four staves S A T B would auto-copy to the two ‘hand’ staves of a three part organ stave?
So I still don’t understand why two staves S and T won’t copy to the two ‘hand’ staves of a two part organ stave?

I’m being dense somewhere…

No, Stefan explained that if you copy a Piano SATB thing onto organ the 2 Piano staves will transfer onto the 2 (manual) organ staves, leaving the pedal stave blank. Not the same thing at all.

In other words, if you’d used the choral reduction “instrument” that Dorico provides, you could copy and paste just fine into a piano instrument or an organ instrument. If you create an SA instrument and a separate TB instrument then Dorico will not (currently) let you copy and paste from that into a single piano or a single organ.

Ah, that’s where I’m being dense… I’d read ‘Piano S A T B’ with spaces between the S A T B as four staves, and ignored the ‘piano’ bit.

What is the idea of the choral reduction stave? I hoped for a minute that it might allow me to copy four stave SATB to two stave SA TB, but it doesn’t.

  1. It’s a grand staff instrument - it brackets the two staves together as one instrument.
  2. The two staves have separate (as opposed to joined) barlines, so if there are lyrics between the stave they won’t collide with barlines.
  3. Dynamics appear above the stave by default.

There may be other things that I’ve missed, but those are the things I’ve immediately spotted having tried it for the first time.

I shall use that next time then. I think because I used two voice staffs I get those three anyway.