Copying Steinberg licenses from 1 dongle to another

Good Day Folks,

I’m not sure if this is the right forum to ask this but I’ll try anyway, hoping someone knows the answer.

Is is possible to copy my Steinberg licenses from my current dongle to a new dongle which I just purchased ?

My objective is to have 2 dongles with identical licenses. Should the old dongle malfunction I would just plug the new dongle into my laptop and continue working. The result would be zero downtime.

Reading through the FAQs I’ve only read about transferring licenses between dongles, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a second dongle.

Thanks in advance.

Of course not. Think about it.

Really? Is it really such a dumb question? And even if it were, can’t that be expressed more gently?

There’s no way for someone to “instinctively” know that Steinberg doesn’t keep track somehow that License # XYZ is being used somewhere, and so prevents a second dongle from being fraudulently simultaneously used. Unless someone knows that, it’s not unreasonable for someone to think Steinberg may be able to block a second/fraudulent simultaneous dongle use, I would think.

OP - just one account use can be used at a time. ZDT as per moderator’s link can take ease some of that hassle.

I did not think it was a dumb question, simply not thought through.

OP - just one account use can be used at a time.

This is erroneous. One account can have multiple dongles with multiple licenses, and can be used simultaneously.

What I guess I meant to say is that you can only use Cubase in one place at one time on one dongle with one license. Thanks for correcting me …

And as posted, Steinberg’s Zero Down Time can help if the dongle is damaged/lost, etc.

No offense taken. I thought of what Steve meant before I posted my question.

Just wanted a confirmation and I got it.



A license can only be stored on one USB-eLicenser (Dongle).
It is not possible to activate the same license on a second USB-eLicenser.

Incase you have lost your USB-eLicenser or the USB-eLicenser is defective and doesn’t show up within the eLicenser Control Center anymore, please use Steinberg Zero Downtime like already mentioned.

Incase the old USB-eLicenser is still working and you just want to replace it because its a pretty old one and starts to fall apart, you can simply move the licenses yourself from one to another USB-eLicenser:


When on my Steinberg account CuBase 4 shows on a USB Elicenser but when I load eLicenser control it does not show up on that USB Elicenser. I cannot transfer it to a different USB Elicenser if I can’t see it. What gives? Cheers, Clint

hi i’m reaching out in the hope that you may be able to redirect or indeed answer my question.
my dongle was lost in transit from one country to another. i’ve now bought a new dongle have it here…can see my software on my account but do not know how to get my license from the old dongle (lost but still showing) to the new dongle…(listed but of course with no software). is there any chance that you would know of what to do in this situation.