copying tempo tracks

I have several projects, instrument tracks only (no audio)
they each have different tempo tracks
I am rearranging parts from different projects by copying the parts and then pasting them into a new project
how do I also retain the tempos that go with each part?
I’m sure there’s a way, just haven’t found it yet - any suggestions?

was this a stupid question?

Not really clear what you are asking…if you copy the midi /section of an instrument track over from one song it will adapt tempo to the new song. Otherwise there would be 2 conflicting tempos (the one set for the part & the one for the song) in the same range which isn’t possible.

Surely you want the tempo to match the new project rather than run at the old project tempo…otherwise instruments playing at the same time would be out of sync??

I think he’s saying he wants to copy (part or all of) a tempo track from one project and paste it at the end of another project, when he pastes the MIDI at the same point. Otherwise, he’s got to manually re-construct the new section of the tempo track that corresponds to the pasted MIDI data.

the tempi need to remain the same as they were in the original parts
I can of course, as you say, manually reconstruct the tempo track, but I thought there must be a way to copy the tempo with each part or section - would certainly be a lot simpler if there are many tempo changes (which happens to be the case with my project)

I think maybe it’s this preference requires switching then?

Ignore Mastertrack events on merge

thanks, but that isn’t it (applies only to MIDI files export/import), not to parts from different projects

You can copy the events in a tempo track and paste it into a tempo track i another project.

got it! now it works - it seems you have to additionally shift-click select the events in the tempo track separately (after having selected the parts on the instrument tracks)