copying tempo tracks

although working with Cubase Artist 6 (and not having found any good answers on that forum section), I’d like to also ask here (it’s probably the same in earlier versions)

I have several projects, instrument tracks only (no audio)
they each have different tempo tracks
I am rearranging parts from different projects by copying the parts and then pasting them into a new project
how do I also retain the tempi that go with each part? (I have also selected the tempo track when copying, but that doesn’t seem to have any effect)

I can of course manually reconstruct the tempo track, but I thought there must be a way to copy the tempo with each part - would certainly be a lot simpler if there are many tempo changes (which happens to be the case here)

I’m sure there’s a way, just haven’t found it yet - any suggestions?

got it! - it seems you have to additionally shift-click select the events in the tempo track separately (after having selected the parts on the instrument tracks)