Copying track settings from one project to another?

Hi guys,

As a Cubase user throughout the late 90s and early 2000s, who moved to Logic, I have been considering switching back for a while, limited only by a few functions and the general low-latency performance of Cubase on Mac.

General reports are suggesting that ASIO Guard 2 makes a massive difference from a latency perspective, so I am now interested in revisiting the switch again.

I have a question though - if I want to copy a track’s settings (effects, instruments, or the content of the track itself) from one project to another, is there a simple dialogue that will let me do this? Logic allows this through an import content option, where you can tick the track or tracks you want to bring over from another project, as well as whether you want the effects, or the I/O, or the track content itself, or a combination of these. It’s very easy and incredibly useful.

My understanding is that to do this in Cubase, you need to open both projects, then drag the required track over, after which you can delete the track content from the new project if you only want the settings. Pretty cumbersome!

So - is there good news in Cubase 8? Has a well featured track import option arrived?


Since Cubase 7.5 you can select multiple channels and save them as a “Track Preset”, importable to another project through a “add track from track preset”. VSTInstrument, channel inserts, quick controls, note expression, expression map are saved. But routing is not, i think. Someone will correct me if i’m wrong.

Routing is not, and not volume either (if not fixed in C8).

If you use the Save/Load Selected Channels it will save/load the volume, inserts, and sends, but not the routing.

PS. If using Save/Load Selected Channels, it is important to have the exact same channels and channel counts, both from where you save and where you load.

We really need a better “Import Session Data” feature. Are you listening Steinberg?

Thanks guys for the quick replies.
Sounds like there’s a reasonable workaround, but it also sounds like it’s cumbersome and definitely not as user-friendly as a session data import feature. Would be great to see this implemented, similarly to Logic’s or Pro Tools’.

Well I’ve found a way giving similar result with less hassle. When you finish a song (and you saved it already) delete all content on all tracks (Ctrl A for selecting and Del). Then select all tracks. Make an Export selected tracks in File menu. When in your new song you open Import Track archive, then you can select one track or more. If you select the track and it’s group track and send effect track the routing will work. So you have to spend about less then one minute extra time upon finishing the song and basically the same functionality can be achieved. Maybe some macro could be written for it.

How does that option behave when importing to a finished recorded project, ready for mixing?

Can this settings be merged with already excisting tracks (empty or not)?

Or are you thinking for importing settings to an empty project. For what we have Templates. Hmmm :confused:

I’m not familiar with Logic, but any tools that would make the process of importing elements from other projects into the current less clunky would be greatly appreciated.

Templates are for a whole new song. Importing from track archives is good for adding new tracks, instrument groups. For example when you start adding extra vocal tracks to a project, and that way you can do it with grouping, effects and inserts. For copying settings to a mix ready project building preset data base is better, though you can copy a track from Track archive and with copy paste you can transfer it’s setting to a track with content.

I know all this, but I understood that the OP were interested in importing settings from a project to another. Not add/open new tracks besides the excisting.

We have been preaching for a proper “Import Session Data” feature for years (way back in the old Nuendo forum).

Well well, if the OP reads this he will have the Q and A on a couple of different scenarios :wink:

Logic has something closer to PT’s Import Session Data.

I agree , it seems they got rid of what worked well in Cubase 5/6 with save track setting sin the mixer veiw. This is a regression in workability. I am now on 8.5 . So what is the solution to save track settings to then apply to song 2 of same session ?