copying triplets

I have run into a problem copying triplets with the new Dorico 2 version. I did not have any issues before the version switch. I’m attaching a sample, the first is what was copied and what was pasted. I just selected everything in the two beats and there aren’t any extra voices. It’s not a huge deal, just wanted to see if anyone else had the problem.
Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 11.17.53.png

Have you got chord mode enabled when you paste? If so, disable it and try again. There is a small problem in the current version 2.0 which doesn’t always copy notes under tuplets correctly with chord mode enabled (which will be fixed in the next patch release).

There is something weird with tuplets in percussion staffs also. See my post here:


I got another issue, related to tuplets : if I have lyrics in a tuplet, I cannot filter them and copy them properly to another homorhythmical line, Dorico pastes the syllables as if there were no tuplets… Just to let you know :wink:

I can confirm what Marc wrote. Same problem here.

Tried it again, and it looks like the issue was chord mode.

Thanks Stefan!

Marc, the problem you describe with pasting lyrics doesn’t surprise me: you would I think need also to select the tuplet itself in order to paste the lyrics at those tuplet positions: without the tuplet in the selection, the lyrics are copied at their unscaled positions. However, including the tuplet but not the notes may be problematic when you paste, though engaging chord mode will generally work OK!

Dear Daniel,
Thanks for the explanation, it makes sense— from the developer’s point of view. I’m afraid you will hear other voices like mine about this workflow, because the user will probably find natural to copy-paste without boring about some tuplets here and there… I agree it is not a major issue though, especially if there is a good sequence of events that makes it work as expected.

I hope I’m using the right forum etiquette to add my message to this old thread, rather than start a new one. Just wanted to add a request that the behaviour that Marc has described in his last posts here re copying lyrics and tuplets is reconsidered. (I understand why it is happening and therefore why this would not be considered a bug at this stage.)

I have a few ‘filter then duplicate below’ buttons set up on my Stream Deck for when I’m writing choral arrangements and one of my most-used ones is for lyrics. I’ve set the macro up to first filter for lyrics, then use the command ‘Duplicate to Staff Below’.

In the case of the attached image (not attaching the project file at this stage for copyright reasons and also because this is designed behaviour that I’m questioning, so the image is just an illustration), I selected the tenor part of bars 30-33, pressed my macro button to copy the lyrics to the stave below and got what is shown on the bass staff. I understand why - the filter operation lost the triplet bracket, so the lyrics are therefore spaced out in the rhythmic space of un-tripli-fied crotchets.

Could I please add my voice to ask for this behaviour to be reconsidered. It’s a hindrance to a workflow when you are quickly wanting to copy lyrics from staff to staff, using the usual method of filtering.

Worth adding at this point, that Dorico is this arranger’s delight and I love how quick it is to do this kind of arranging, armed with my customised Stream Deck profile! This behaviour is so unusually irritating for Dorico that I wanted to get in touch about it.

Thanks :slight_smile: