Copying VST instrument and/or Tracks between projects


I have two projects opened, and I want to copy some of the tracks from one to the other… How can I do that? Sorry if its just a simple answer… maybe i am overlooking something


Try the ‘export selected track’ and ‘import tracks’ options in the file menu.
More info in the manual Pg 696.

Thanks for you information. But that form of export doesn’t export vst instrument racks. Is there a way to do that.


I think you might have to follow a two step process here.
1 Save the VST instument channel as a Track preset.
2 Export the tracks (MIDI Note information) via the ‘export selected track method’ or with both projects open,just drag them across.

AFAIK there is no way to save an entire instrument rack in one go, you’ll have to repeat the preset process for each instrument, I could be wrong here though, I don’t do much in the way of VSTi’s any more.
There will be several other ways of doing this as well and the manual would be your best bet at finding the way that suits your workflow.