Copyright information on every sheet music page [Dorico Elements]

How can I add copyright information to every sheet music page?
In Dorico Elements 5, it only appears on the first page.

I appreciate everyone’s help!

Hi @rogercanesso I am afraid that you cannot edit Page templates in Element.
To have the copyright on all pages one should edit the Default page template (the one used from the second page onwards) to have a text frame on the bottom, with a Copyright token in it, as it appears in the Firs page template by default.
I strongly suggest you to think about upgrading to Dorico Pro if you need such more advanced editing functionalities (and a ton of other advanced amazing functions :slight_smile: )
In the meantime I prepared an example with the edited Default page template that you can use for your project. (I made it only for the full score PT, not for the parts, and is intended only as an example so you can see and test what Pro can do.)

copyright on default page template.dorico (972.6 KB)

@Christian_R Thanks!

Copyright text is appearing on all pages.
As I’m a beginner at Dorico, I found some issues that I don’t know how to resolve.

I’m working with sheet music for electric guitar + tablature. Insert the guitar and tablature. However, the tablature does not display the abbreviation TAB.

Thanks again.

Hi @rogercanesso sorry this was a personalisation of the TAB symbol that I changed (as a big N) and set as default and happened to appear with this change in the file I sent. I resetted it and here the file again without this personalisation. You will find that now the tab should appear as expected (I also updated the Dorico file in my previous post):

copyright on default page template.dorico (972.6 KB)

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Is there an easy way to change the TAB symbol? It’s not something I have tried before. Dulcimers often use DAD (vertically) to give players the tuning of the strings.

Hi @Derrek , you can change it in Library/Music symbols…, look under Clefs, and you can delete the TAB (or choose another clef that you don’t use, and edit it) and add (one letter at a time) the D,A,D and then position them as desired…(using attachment settings, scaling, x and y values…)
(I don’t know if there is a better method though…):

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Thank you!