Copyright on files that are bundled with Cubase?

Hi Folks

As always, please forgive me if this one has been covered before - a decent search has not found this question for me so far.

I just wondered what the copyright situation is regarding using files within the bundled toolboxes such as the Rock Pop Toolbox or the EDM one for example?

The reason for asking is simply because I have recently recorded a local artist using their own song with guitar and vocals and added a couple of items from the above toolboxes that suited their song such as some of the drum tracks.

If, (and this is academic of course) the track was taken further in public exposure I just wondered where the copyright might be of the supporting toolbox tracks to the main recording.

I am sure this may well be covered in the legal use of software contract somewhere, but currently do not have the lawyers guns and money to really get an answer out of that, after all that is what lawyers are for if you can afford them :smiley:

Hope this is worth some thought folks and would welcome any responses…

As far as I know you’re free to use those for whatever you want, apart from directly selling the samples and loops I suppose.