Copyright text token

Help! I am fairly new to Dorico, so please be gentle! I want to have the copyright information showing at the bottom of every page of music, rather than just show it once on page 1. I know this is to do with text tokens, but I can’t see where to find them to achieve this, as there doesn’t seem to be a way in through the project information page, beyond just filling in the lines. How can I repeat this line on every page, please?

In the Maser Page Editor, add a new text frame at the bottom of the Default pages (you’ll need to do this once for the left page and once for the right page), then add the {@flowCopyright@} or {@projectCopyright@} token in each of these frames, and style and size as you wish. If you started with the Default Score Master Page Set, you’ll need to repeat for the Default Part Master Page Set (and vice-versa).

Thank you for your speedy reply. I can get onto Master Page editor, but after I click on the icon for “insert text frame” nothing happens. How do I find the tokens to add to the page?

Once you click on the insert frame button, you click and drag to create the frame on the left or right default master page. (Don’t double click; that doesn’t work.) The dimensions of the frame are not critical at first, since you can adjust them numerically in the Properties panel at screen bottom.

Once the (green) frame is set (and the blue music frame moved out of the way to adjust, you can double click inside the text frame to type in text.

Thanks Derrek. It’s making sense now. I don’t understand the bit about the Properties panel, but I’ve done it just by looking, and it works. Thank you.

When I add certain frames to my music, I have a set of numeric values that let me know how far to move the music frame’s lower margin up, how high to make the footer text frame, etc. That assures me that everything is uniform not just within a piece but across various pieces of music I may notate.

I have come to find that helpful (until I stop procrastinating and export those master pages to use across compositions :wink: ).