cor dare electro trip hopping in cubase

hey guys
I LOVE Cubase. I been using it for about a decade now since VST32 5.0 I think, now I’ve just upgraded to Cubase 7.5. I thought I’d share a track I’ve just uploaded to soundcloud. It’s a remix of another song I produced. The original was an indie roots acoustic song, now its a synth trip hop track. Lots of delays and dreamy synths and that.
A bunch of UAD2 Plugins inc Roland space echo which you can hear through out.
Most of the synths were from my Nord Lead. I used Cubase for the mix, arrangement and also time stretching on the vocals as the original was recorded freeform and I needed to get it into somekind of tempo for the beats in this track.
Really hope you like!

Also you can find my other tracks here: - all Cubase :slight_smile:

Beautiful track with a very calming mood, gorgeous singing!!!
not sure about the end part that comes in around 4.30 ish…seems to be from a different track,

great stuff…Kevin

I’d quite like to hear the original before commenting in full; for now I’ll just say some cool sounds and overall nice arrangement. Though I do wonder what you mean by trip hopping. I didn’t notice anything in the piece that sounds that different to things I’ve heard in other genres.