Core Audio Device not seen

Wavelab 11 Pro does not appear to see the current core Audio devices in OSX Monterey.

In my case not seeing the iMac Mic setting.

Is there a way to force an updating so all current devices show as selectable in the Wavelab input dialogues.?



Did you try with Built-in Audio in WaveLab ?

regards S-EH

Yes , just gave me feedback as it’s using both the in and outs of the built in audio.
I also noticed that Wavelab audio connection list does not mirror the audio connection choices that the Mac presents (see pics). So it seems that Wavelab has read and stored the connection settings at a point in time but has not refreshed to reflect changes.

Maybe it’s because your micro is monophonic.

Also, make sure to use WaveLab 11.0.20.

I’m using version 11.0.2.
The mic tried here is the integrated one in the imac.
Why doesn’t wave lab recognise a monophonic mic?