Core Audio vs ASIO

I just switched over to MAC from being on Windows for ever and ever.

I read that Core Audio has a straighter line to the Kernel and therefore gives you better latency results.
I noticed that Nuendo is still using ASIO on the MAC vs PT using Core Audio.

So my questions:

  1. is Nuendo using Core Audio Drivers underneath and the label is simply stated ASIO? Or is N6 using ASIO and omitting going through Core Audio

  2. Is there really a difference between the 2 and if so how much of a difference?

  3. If Core Audio is indeed a bit faster wouldn’t it make sense for N6 to offer connectivity to a Core Audio driver and if it doesn’t why not?

From what I understand and from what I’ve experienced PC’s can get lower latencies because of the inefficiencies of Core Audio specifically…

I’ve always understood that Nuendo uses Core Audio on Mac since OSX arrived around 2001-2.

Could be wrong, usually am.

I don’t understand the workings of my TV, either.