core i7, second or third generation?

I’m looking into CPUs for my new computer, I will but a core i7 for sure but I’m having doubts about the correct generation.

I’m thinking (for the price range) between this two:

BUT one is a third generation core i7 and the other a second generation.

So far I saw that the main difference between Ivy and Sandy bridge are the Graphics Features.

So if I buy the 3770 maybe just with the integrated video will be ok.

But taking into consideration that I (maybe) will begin to work making some music for video into my Daw (Cubase 7 64bits), maybe I will need a dedicated (lets say 2GB) videocard, maybe I could use the 3820 that have more Memory Bandwidth, cache and can run more RAM (until 64GB if necessary).

If I buy the 3820 I will matched with a Asus Sabertooth X79 ( )

If buy the 3770 maybe the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H ( )

What do you think guys?

So far I saw that the main difference between Ivy and Sandy bridge are the Graphics Features.

WRONG… they are different architecture. the 3820 is vastly faster like 40% faster than the 3770k

the question is do you need that power.
processor pricing is nearly the same
motherboard will be a little more for X79
you need 4 x sticks ram with X79 vs 2 with Z77.

the other option is to wait for Haswell/Z89 coming June2
its also the same price as the 3770 and runs as fast as the 3820.

the X79 is more robust

I was changing ideas with some people on facebook (in the advanced cubase users group) and I was almost convinced of use the 3770K (with the “K” not the one I put here before)

That and use it with the internal video.

Yes, I saw in the comparative table that the 3280 shows somethings better like the memory bandwidth (51.2GB/s vs 25.6GB/s )

So I was thinking 3770K with a Asus SaberTooth

The main reason why I’m changing my desktop PC is because my actual on (the one with 32bits in my signature) is well really old… and I’m having troubles with session that opens easily in my samsung core i5 laptop, and I need that pc to run ok (my studio is freeze for now until I got a new pc)

And I looked to i7 because recently I needed to do some audio restoration, and using the Izotope RX 2 demo, and my laptop wasn’t able to handle it.

I was thinking also wait for the Haswell but, I pretty sure that what will be costly are the MoBos. And sadly, money is an issue.

So, you said that you will stick with the 3820 JCschild?

Thanks for the input!

And, other factor is that in my country (Perú) the new stuff don’t go out so fast :frowning: