core MIDI message

Why is it so difficult to keep this program from reverting to “cannot load core MIDI etc.”? I can get it to run by trashing PT 11 MIDI drivers, but that won’t work forever–I’m gonna use pro tools! God forbid one should bring Reason or Ableton into the mix. Anyone found a way to make them get along? No hair left to pull out.

Have you considered doing some troubleshooting as an alternative to the hair pulling?

only about 10 hours so far. have you considered offering something constructive?


If you have not,

1-Start first by simply moving your Preference Folder to the desktop
(don’t trash it, just move it) and re-starting Cubase.
Cubase will then make a brand new one.

A very simple procedure yes but can be very effective in solving a number of probs.

2- Are you by any chance using Yosemite Mac OS (10.10.1)
if so there may be some compatibility probs.

Good Luck!

I did consider it, but I had nothing to work with. At the very least a summary of your troubleshooting steps might be a starting point.

My point is that opening the thread the way you did offers little info, and it seemed like you just wanted to vent.

Maybe Curteye’s suggestion will help you out.

At least it is a starting point.