CoreAudio Device Settings keep reverting to 'Mac Speaker' option

I use Wavelab on a Mac (up until last week I used an iMac, now I use a MacStudio) mainly for editing my mono audio files (I’m a professional audiobook narrator - using Wavelab since 1.0!).
Over the couple of months (on both iMac and Studio) I have experienced a very annoying bug:
I prefer to use the External Headphones output (connected to monitor speakers) to listen as I edit. Sometimes between files, sometimes even as I’m listening, the CoreAudio Device Settings will jump back to the ‘Mac Studio Speakers’ for output - and they are really crap speakers!
Every time I have to go into Preferences/Audio Connections/Control Panel and change the output back to the other output (headphones). This happens a couple of times a day.
What’s going on here and how do I stop it?

WaveLab, of course, does not “touch” the driver settings during playback.
Hence what you observe is an instability of the driver being used.
Do you have any chance to use an external USB device onto which you would plugin your headphone?


That’s interesting - perhaps suggesting it was some update in the Mac OS.
The ‘bug’ may have been introduced during the update to Sonoma - it never happened in previous OSs.
Thanks for the input.
I’ll see what I can arrange using some other audio connection (USB or otherwise).

Then make sure to update to the latest Sonoma update. First version has lots of bugs.

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