Correct routing for brass section reverb and volume ?

Are these two scenarios correct in Cubase when I have several Kontakt instruments in an orchestra like a brass section where I want to control the volume of the section with one fader and add some third party reverb:

  1. (Desired) RESULT: one fader controlling entire brass section volume, and ALL the instruments receiving the SAME Reverb in FX Channel:

Create a Group Channel (which will presumably have one fader)
In the Mixer, SEND all the Kontakt individual brass instruments’ outputs in their respective mixer channels to the same Group Channel so as to be able to controlthe brass section volume with the one Group Channel fader
Create an FX Channel, and INSERT into it a desired single Reverb for the entire brass section
SEND this FX Channel output to Stereo Out, and
SEND the Group Channel output to this FX Channel

2) (Desired) RESULT: one fader controlling entire brass section volume as before, but all instruments now having their own individual DIFFERENT Reverb treatment

Find each brass instrument’s Kontakt channel in Mixer and INSERT desired Reverb and wet:dry setting for each instrument in its channel
Create a Group Channel to create one fader for all the brass instruments
SEND each brass instrument’s Kontakt output in the Mixer (which each now have their own Reverb) to the Group Channel
SEND the Group Channel’s output to Stereo Out.

This stuff makes my head hurt. Any suggestions/corrections would be much appreciated.


It’s personal I guess, My preference would be the 1st as this will be the most natural representation,
while the 2nd options can be more creative and may have better results.

So still sticking to 1 as orchestra tends to be more natural by nature.

3rd option, all channels can have also sends to the fx bus, then route every orchestra channel to a group.
On the individual channels you can have sends active to some reverbs (more then 1 possible) and on the group 1 overall reverb for reverbing and blending the summing of all orchestra channels.

Still prefer option 1 though

I did not intend to prompt a discussion of which technique I described was preferred, although that
has been very instructive and helpful to me.

Rather I was seeking advice as to whether the routing technique I was describing was correct as to both. I get very confused as to SENDS, INSERTS, and which are proper on instrument and MIDI tracks.

I presume then that regardless of which is preferred, that I nevertheless have the process
and steps down correctly as to both.

Am I correct ?


Hi with sends you are allowed to have each track (or some) to send their signal to the fx-bus.

SO when wanting to use sends a group bus is added and a fx is inserted in the first slot.
Now by sending “send signals” from other tracks gives the buss sound with the processed FX, remember that the inserted FX needs to be 100 % wet signal (research this one to). An insert is done on the channel where needed and is inserted in one of the 8 insert slots, depends on your needs and whats on the channel already. So when inserting a reverb for example now the rules are the opposite, with 100% wet you’ll hear to much reverb, so lower this, I tend to go not above 10%.

Hope this clarify things a bit.