Corrupt elicencer installer

Just upgraded to Cubase 11. Tried d-loading eLicencer several times and always get this message. Any ideas?

“installer payload initialization failed. This is likely due to an incomplete or corrupt download file.”

Please note the installer is 70mb so it’s complete. Tried on 2 Windows machine - same result.

Thanks, Jeff

Where did you download it from? I just downloaded it from here with no problems (Windows 10 / Edge) …

eLicenser Control Center - License Management – Steinberg Support

Turns out, once I installed all the components the problem was gone. I jumped the gun by launching the main app prematurely. User error.
But thanks for reaching out Mr. Pickens. Much appreciated.

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Hi @rabdaddy ,

What components exactly did you install, please? Do you mean Microsoft Redistributable or any other component (from Steinberg)?

Thank you

I was referring to the Cubase 11 components in the Stienberg assistant. At first, I tried to launch C11 main app without all the other bits. Elicenser functions were automatic.

Thank you