'Corrupt File' dialouge after save to optical disc

When I save a project to a cd ( C7 project data files, not a mixdown) the project is successfully saved to the disc but also creates a ‘ghost’ project in the hub that, if clicked on, says that the project doesn’t exist. Then, if I attempt to save the active project (same one that I just saved to cd) to my hard drive, I get a dialogue that says the project cannot be saved because it is corrupt.

Anyone else seeing this and, if so, is there a workaround?


Not exactly sure what you mean by saving to CD…but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t do it to avoid problems such as this!

Save to HDD, write the files to CD outside of Cubase.

There is an option, ie: file/save as/cd-dvd drive, which is what I’m using. But thanks for the tip of just saving to hard drive and then burning to a cd. Prob a better way to go.

Thanks again,