Corrupt project, mono ch whith stereo plugins "sees" maxed out level on the right side


I have a project file that somehow has become corrupt. I can open, work and save it on my laptop. But on my desktop studio computer it crashes on open, but loads fine if i first load an older version of the project and close that.

Moving from N10.3 to N11 I notice that stereo plugin don’t work properly on mono channels. Meters on stereo plugins shows pinned max level on the right channel and they sometimes gives me a spinning wheel when bring up the plugin edit window.

I think I can finish the project with work arounds, but it is a little scary with deadlines closing in. I would rather keep the project than recreate everything in a new file. Is there a way to cure broken projects? I’ve tried to remove all types of plugins but I can’t find a suspect among them.

Tips or suggestions are very welcome.


Hi Johannes,

Stereo plugs seem ok in my Windows DAW.