Corrupt updater EXE for Cubase 6.5 [SOLVED]

The unzipper stops and something isn’t right. :confused:

i.e the unzipper could create a folder but everything else failed.
After 8 files it stopped.

I’ve started a new download.
The firs one took about 7 minutes.
This one starts out at over 20 minutes … :unamused:

I hope it’s just the first download that got corrupted or else:
“Huston, we’ve got a problem!”

Hi Ulf,

did you buy this update or were you grace period eligible?

Please let us know in order to help.



I bought it, but I can stretch to accept a grace period offer if you insist :wink:

I have also CRC error with Padshop.
I have downloaded 2 times and it’s the same.

Hi there,

we are going to find out what the problem is and we will report back.


Second attempt is the same so the problem is in the file.

Some installation files are corrupt.
Please download a fresh copy and retry the installation.

I got it without issues. Grace period.

Mac.damage is also broken.


hm? ought to be the same file??? :confused:

I’ve tried opening it on Win7 on two different boots and on XP just to see what happened and the results are identical.

Elicencer updated? Should not really matter.
Any antivirusprogram ?

same here on Mac… DMG is corrupted

They probably uploaded it in ASCII mode rather than binary.



I also get CRC-errors when trying to install the downloaded update .exe-file. Hope it will get fixed soon. :slight_smile:

Where do I find the download link again (can’t find any downloads links after I re-logged in)?

No problem with Mac, here.

Problem starts before the eLicenser is even utilized.
Download > Unzip to new folder [stop!]> Installation > eLicenser

Tried that, as well, but you never know, thanx!

Downloaded twice, multiple CRC errors bot times. No grace period.

Hi all,
there seem to be some download issues with our HTTP file Hoster. Don’t worry, we are already setting up a new ftp, so you can quickly re-download from there!


I was lucky then…

So what’s the new downloadlink? Same as the old one?

Corrupted here too. US paid upgrade