Corrupted file references

I wonder if anyone else has come across this?

I have had frequent incidents recently where I open a project and file references are corrupted. The files show up as “missing” but will not connect, and the reference in the Pool is replaced with “volume/…” etc giving the path to where the file should be, but not the actual file.

I printed and released an entire project recently then noticed at the premiere that a sound effect was missing… opened the project and it was a missing file reference and I’d not noticed it in the final mix pass. I’ve opened a project this morning and a whole bunch of audio was non-linked. And you cannot relink them. You have to reintroduce the file an repair every instance.


Mmmmm, no that’s a new one for me. But I’m interested to see what others suggest in case this happens in the future! Sorry, Mark. That sounds like a pain. :slightly_frowning_face:

We do huge digitization projects with terabytes of files (thousand projects a year). And we first copy the data from a NAS server to the local disks for processing. Nothing like this has ever happened. Despite the fact that we even move the projects to different computers and drives during processing, Nuendo always has the correct reference to the current file.
At least that seems to work in the Windows world. In the case of moved projects between computers with different drive names, the question occasionally appears at the start of the project as to whether the old or the new location applies.

It’s recent here. Trying to work out what causes it.

What are the exact messages and steps you take above?

Long file names?
Some OS and/or servers limit file names to x-number of characters.


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Might be path lengths. Not filenames. Need to nail it down.

Messages? None. Initially I get a message that there are missing files. Do a folder search and things seem to relink. Then you start to notice that there are things not sounding. There’s a link in the Pool but it seems to be the path with no file at the end. And sometimes (I think it’s sometimes) the filename in the pool is also corrupted. I’ve repaired it each time, so next time I will keep the project file and take some screen grabs.

It’s recent…


Have you tried copying the project to another hard drive and then starting it from that other hard drive? Normally this should work immediately. Just to make sure that the disk doesn’t have an error when indexing files. I wouldn’t completely rule out damage to the hard drive.
And make sure the project is in the root directory in case it’s due to pathnames that are too long.