"Corrupted" (?) outputs?

I’m having trouble opening sessions where one or more outputs show no activity and have no audio. Sometimes restarting Nuendo or restarting my computer solves the issue, sometimes not. This is an intermittent issue that I can’t reliably replicate, but I can count on this happening once every couple of days.

This happens most often to my audio outputs, and sometimes to VSTi outputs. If I route an audio track or group to a different output, I’m able to hear the audio again. In device manager, if I change the device port in Device Manager for the affected ouput, this has no effect. Sometimes removing all plugins from the output channel, saving, restarting Nuendo, and re-opening the session solves the issue, sometimes it doesn’t. As a side note, when experiencing this issue there is activity in the audio tracks, but no activity on the affected output’s meter.

I’m experiencing this on two different workstations. Both running N7.0.30. One is Windows 7, the other is Windows 8.1 x64.

I use two different audio interfaces, so I can’t imagine this is a problem with the physical audio outputs on my systems. I suspect there may be something going on with the plugins I’m using causing funny-business with the outputs. I’m hoping somebody else has a similar issue so we can compare notes?

Was pleased to see the 7.0.35 update yesterday. There’s a few notes in the version history about stability fixes.

I installed the update to both systems and I’ve yet to experience the same problem with outputs. In fact I ran into the problem directly before installing the update. After updating, rebooting and loading the same session the audio played back perfectly. Will keep an eye on this, but the update appears to have fixed the issue.