Corrupted song file? Advice/help!

I’ve been making a track over a couple of days and done a lot of work on it. Everything was going fine until I followed some steps for optimising Windows 10. After that I can’t get into my Virus TI plugin. It’s refusing to connect to the keyboard because it now thinks the keyboard is a Virus TI Snow - which uses a different plugin. I’ve tried all the usual fixes, reopening Cubase, booting down the PC and Virus but no luck. If I start a completely new project then the plugin opens fine.

The patches I’m using are saved to all my synths so that’s ok. What’s the best way to sort this out and rescue the project?

The only time something similar happened to me I just copied and pasted everything from the broken project to a new one.

However, it’s probably better to use “Import Tracks” on a template that is otherwise seeing the synth correctly.