Cosmic Rain new track "Space Avionics" njoy

Here is my new psytrance track “Space Avionics” hope you like it!
Mastered edited with Steinberg products

I do like it. What you have created here is very accomplished. Let me ask you this, however (because I sincerely don’t know): is this type of music still in vogue? Here at the cubase forum, there’s always been something of a split between the guys who feel you should do the music you love, and a minority of us who think at some point one must move forward. I say this of course at the risk of insulting you, but that is not my intent – for all I know, most of the clubs in the world are still playing this sort of stuff… indeed, I saw Chemical Brothers in a club in San Francisco on New Year’s, it was this exact type of stuff, and everyone was digging it, including me. But even then I wondered if it was just a bit of nostalgia going on. In any case, I truly dug what you’ve recorded here; I suppose in the end that’s all that really matters :sunglasses:

Sounds good. What VST’s did you use?

Great job. :sunglasses:


good track and more interesting than most of what I hear of this genre…a tad long but I suppose when your boppin in a club on a pill it might sound a tad short :laughing:

good work…Kevin :slight_smile:

Hi thanks for the response.To answer in your ask…yes this music are still Alive many partys still happen all over the world playin electronic dance music like trance ,Psy trance , Dubstep (a new style of music) and a few others.
I make this type of music because I like it also this music changed thru years in listening trance since 1995 ,music is like an live organism evolve and go further.I understand many of you here in forum are not familiar with this style and looking a bit Alien in your ears :slight_smile:
Im just like to share my job in technical level here and hear new ideas or comments ect.
Thanks Again for your reply twilightsong :slight_smile:

Hi …im use mainly Spire ,Dune 2 ,Massive & Kontakt …
Mastering done with wavelab and sequencing in Cubase.
thanks for your comment!

No pills here :wink: