Cost of cross grade from Cubase 12 to Nuendo 12

Regarding the current offer to cross grade to Nuendo 11 (and get Nuendo 12 free ) , from Cubase Pro…

Is currently £274 from Cubase 11 (and lower) , but it doesn’t show the price to cross grade from Cubase 12.

So I’m wondering If it’s the same , or lower

Hello the another type of license. And it’s gone be possible when Nuendo 12 coming out. Not now.
You don’t can cross grade from new Cubase 12 license to old Nuendo 11 license system .
Just from new license system to new or from old to new.
Not another way like from new to old. The number of software or version or product not playing some roll in this case and new dongle free situation. It’s two another license systems new and old, and just this playing very big roll and difference between them. Hope you understand me.
Good luck.