Cost of cubase upgrade changes in cart

I select upgrade cubase 9.5 pro to 10 with a download and it states the cost as $99 yet when the shopping cart loads the price changes to $150. Has anyone else seen this?

If you’re in Canada it’s $150.

So it is 100 in us dollars and 150 in Canadian dollars. That’s quite a markup on the exchange rate.

And you can’t order it in US $, which would be about $132. Showstopper for me when I went to upgrade Wavelab Elements and the price jumped from $499 to $723. Steinberg used to charge the same for Canadians, but that stopped a few years ago.

Too much for a 0.5 upgrade.

Remember TAX or VAT is different from country to country or even state.

It also varies by up to 10% by province and would be listed separately from the price on a proper invoice.

Frankly no one outside of a jurisdiction currently charges it. Is Steinberg returning it to Canada and the provinces or is it just padding?

Does the price drop in the cart for euros?

Just wondering if your point is valid. In the end we decide we can afford and seems fair with our $. Like Windbag, I find myself content to wait for more favourable conditions lately as an extra 50% used to cover the cost of two .5 upgrades, and an extra $224 for Wavelab upgrade is too much of an ouch.

Those purchases also used to involve physical products, so distribution costs have come down on Steinberg’s end. Of course, they can do whatever they want and do. Only the beans counted at the end provide incentive for a thick skinned company.

I’ve simply decided to not purchase version 10 until such time as Steinberg adjusts the price to better reflect the exchange rate ($99 US does NOT = $150 CAN), or explains why they are charging Canadians $150 when the price should be closer to $130. Others may do as they wish, of course.

Thanks for everyone’s input. I am glad that I am not alone. When I upgraded from cubase 9 to 9.5 (at a cost of $74 - ie no rounding up to a nice even number) the receipt did not indicate that any taxes were paid to anyone. The Canadian dollar was much worse then. I will give Steinberg the benefit of the doubt on the tax situation.

I am sure that if I buy the upgrade the receipt will just say amount paid = $150.

Can someone tell me the price for cubase 10 pro update from 9.5 in euro dollars? I think asknet is taking the 99.00 usd like if it was in euro and converting 99.00 euro to 150.00 in cnd. I don’t think the euro price is 99.00 for the update.

What is euro dollars?

I’m in Canada but always purchase updates from the US. There should be an option to pay in US dollars…