Could not connect POS

I get this error from time to time when starting up Cubase 13 (also had it with v12)
Screenshot 2024-01-15 114251

What makes no sense to me is that it refers to Elicenser which I don’t even have plugged in anymore even if Steinberg forces you to have the software installed once you run the SDA.

I see some other people posting about this from old dongle versions, but why do I get it now as VST Connect Pro also is no longer dongle-based copy-protection?

What can I do to get rid of this? Seems to me VST Connect works just fine even if I haven’t tried to record via it for a few months.

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please update to VST Connect 5.6, you can download it here. The next Cubase update should have that one included.


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A very unfortunate (but hilarious) error message :slight_smile:


Speaking of hilarious…had one the other day, title: “Unknown Error”, message: “Application Unknown has caused the following error: Unknown Error”. Printed it out and hung it at the wall :slight_smile:

I have the latest version installed v5.6

Got that POS (Lol) message too today from Vst connect, last versionand cubase 13 updated.
the SDA updated groove agent 5/Se and dorico SE and installed also as far as i know Elicenser update (although i updated it few days ago )

I had gotten that message at times after updating to 13.0.20 - but it seemed only when I started Cubase after rebooting my Win10 22H2 system.

I had previously installed VST Connect 5.6 (a long time ago), but then it struck me: What if Cubase 13.0.20 overwrote a dll or config file or something that VST Connect needs with an old or faulty version?

So on a hunch, I re-installed VST Connect 5.6 (using the “repair” option).

And since then and several reboots later, I have not (yet?) gotten that POS :rofl: dialog box again.

EDIT: The error message has returned: Could not connect POS - #10 by Nico5

I too did uninstall VST Connect Pro. deleted all folders that mentioned the program, and did the reinstall. Sure enough, after a week or so the error message is back - and shows up every now and then. I can’t figure out what situations make it pop up.

wow - so maybe I can expect to see it again, too - if I do, I’ll post here …

here we are - and yes indeed - that POS message just showed up for me again as well, although I had re-installed VST Connect 5.6.

Michael (@Spork) - do you have any other ideas we might be able to pursue?


we’ve rechecked the VST Connect SE version (5.5.41) which is bundled to Cubase 13 and the current VST Connect PRO (5.6.0) version. Both versions do not refer to eLicenser/POS.

Maybe there are old installations around? Can you please have a look to the following folders?

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\Shared Components
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

Do you find “vstconnect.dll” and/or “VST Conect.vst3” … where?

Thank you,

thanks for your reply Michael!

I’ve found two files in

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\Shared Components

  • vstconnect.dll
  • VST Connect.dll

However, they both seem to be part of Product version: - so they should be ok?

And as you mentioned, Cubase 13 has in folder

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 13\Components

  • vstconnect.dll

which appears to be of version as you suggested:

and the folder
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 13\VST3

  • VST Connect.vst3

it doesn’t seem to show a version number in the properties, but the date seems close to the other one, so that one seems ok, too?

The Cubase 12 components folder also has the same versions, and I’m not even starting Cubase 12.

And using the windows search, I couldn’t find other dll or vst3 files named “vstconnect” or “vst connect” on my entire C drive – so the mystery remains.

… Thank you. Looks good. And your error message “Could not connect POS” appears every Cubase 13 start?


No the message does not appear on every Cubase 13 start.

It seems to happen only on the first Cubase 13 start after a Windows 10 Restart.


p.s. Also: my eLicenser dongle is plugged in, since I still need it for HALion 6.