I have just upgraded to Cubase 7 and Windows 7.
One of the projects I’m working on (ONLY ONE) will not allow me to export in the normal manner. When I try to export from MIDI to AUDIO, which I’ve been doing for years, the following warning appears: “Could not create record file!”
In fact, this warning appears when I just open the project.
Can anyone please help? :confused:

I get this message as well, on quite a number of pre-C7 Projects that were created on C4, C5 and C6.
All I have to do is click on or Solo any audio track in the Project window and that warning pane will pop up.

What I’d like to know is if there is a way to “repair” whatever it is Steinberg is warning us about. A bit of guidance text addended in the prompt would be helpful for anyone encountering this warning.

Happening in OSX 10.6.8 and 10.8.5.

Thanks Weasel! But have you found any way around it? Because with this problem in a project, there is just no way to export to audio.

Hey Weasel, I’ve found a way around the problem myself. Just backup the project to a new folder and the problem is gone. And then if you want, you can then save the backed-up project under the original name, and you’re back to square one without the problem.

Your way works but I created a template out of the project I was having trouble with and gave it a name and it ended up in the “more” section of the Steinberg hub…“couldn’t create record” went away…but strange it somehow grayed out the original unless you activate it…

Hello, i am having this problem after installing C6 on a new computer with WIN 10 Pro.I do not see any fix for above.Could steinberg help here please.Thank you

Further above i forgot to mention that adding an audio track,the red arm light on the audio track does not come on…

If this ONLY affect one project, then cubase maybe dont know the rec. folder
try this:

  • Mark the tracks
  • Right click one of the tracks
  • Choose “Set Record Folder”

Hi All
Just encountered this problem at the moment I have to urgently finish a track. “Could not create record file!” pops up when I try to arm a track. Marking them and resetting or choosing a new record folder (as suggested by Shummi) does not work in this instance. Neither does creating a backup project- the problem is replicated in the new location.
Can’t find anything helpful online.
Anyone? Cheers

If anyone else is looking… I Just found the solution on this thread:

Cubase had - in its great wisdom - had changed my project settings to Flac rather than wave. Big thanks to Ivan on that thread who found the bug!

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