"Could not create record file"

This has been an ongoing problem for me ever since ever. It happens randomly, and it will not allow me to continue into the program unless I force quite Cubase12, it used to happen in versino 9/10/11 too. Please see attached screen shot. I just can’t get passed this point, I have megatons of space on all my drives, I have all permissions correct. Really annoying. It does not allow me to click ok, and it just sits there loading control Room for ever,.
Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 10.05.39


What is the Project Folder and the Pool Record Folder, please? You can find it in the Pool.

Project folder is the project folder, and the audio is in an audio folder within the project folder. In Pool it says:

Project Folder: /Volumes/Projects/Song1
Pool Record Folder: Media/Audio


Do you use an external hard drive named Projects?

How is the drive formatted, please?

No, it’s an internal SSD, but is separate to the drive that cubase is on, I use a mac so the drive is APFS. This only happens on some files, not all, so the drive is not the problem, I have over 100 folders on that drive and 97% of them work without fail, but every now and then, this happens on random files.

It mainly happens on older files, eg: a file I created some time ago, and then when I come back to it to continue recording, this ‘could not create record file’ window pops up only on the original tracks I have already recorded, not on any new tracks I create. If I actually get the file to open, I usually just reset or set the record folder again to get rid of this problem, but most of the time it hangs there and I have to force quit cubase.


Do you have lots of items in the Pool?


It depends on the project, some do, some don’t.


Do I expect right, this issue happens only with the project, where are lots of items in the Pool?

It mainly happens with files that are older, and have been recorded some time ago, not necessarily files with large amounts of items. Only the older items, if I add a new track, and open the file 2 days later it’s all good. But if there is an item in there from a month ago, it happens on that item.


Does the File > Backup Project fix it?

thanks, I’ll try that later, not home right now.

Have a great weekend!

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Not for me?? I can only arm to record in an old project if AIFF is chosen, despite the original being set to WAV.

This happens when the original audio folder has been moved, like when the song is moved to a different direcroty etc, what gets me is that if I select more than one track, this error pops up for each track and then i have to force quit cubase becasue i can’t get rid of the annoying pop ups.